Rosh Hashanah

Happy new year all fellow Jews.

Each year comes with challenges and happiness. Each year is one more year gone in ones life.

This is a time to look back, and think a little about what happened and how we may find new ways the next year.

The last year was good in the sense, that Jews in Israel have become more secure, but dangerous in the sense, that antisemitism is on the rise in many areas of the world.

Here in Denmark the ugly head of Nazism is rearing, and the same goes for Sweden, where the Jews are to blame, again.

That is the way of the Jews, though we seek peace, often there is not peace to be had.

As Moses did when he wanted to create the first Israel, he went on a holy mission. We also need to find a balance between fighting and finding peace. That balance is difficult to find. But honesty to what we see with our own eyes is a good place to start.

With great skill comes great responsibility.

In this way our arrogance is a two edged sword. At one hand it brings us further and away. The self confidence gives us the ability to overcome amazing problems. But it also creates a lot of resentment.

This balance of having faith in ourselves and yet remain humble is the key to peace.

Working tirelessly, with confidence on our aims, but at the same time being humble and generous with what we make.

G-d bless all Jews on the Rosh Hashanah.

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