Great Britain

One of the ways the British intellectual environment can and have to change the narrative of migration, is with a deeper understanding.

I have written quite a lot about that here on the blog, and it has created some momentum for Mr. Boris Johnson. To be honest, I do not have a preferred candidate in the UK Conservative party, this is not for me to define. I however off cause applaud mr. Johnson in his attempt at saving the country. I have always been a staunch brexiteer.

But, again, I understand the difficulties of the European Union, I would have tried to make some development to the Union, but without any public support, I cant see how this is possible.

But, back to the discussion on migration on an enlightened base. I am trying to whip up a cultural mission from Denmark to the UK.

I have some connections in the party that serves as foreign minister, and I am trying to make a contingent of artists, diplomats and politicians to make a trip to the UK.

Perhaps this will open up the discussion a bit.

I am working on it, and hopefully I will succeed on the mission. It is very difficult, because obviously it is a massive project.

But, with G-ds grace, we will succeed.

We have also discussed the possibility to go to other countries.

Anyway, this is just to inform you on some of my plans.

We need to open up the discussion, so that it rests on an enlightened basis.

This is for you.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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