Peace process

Well, the peace process in the Middle East is not really working. It is a matter of perspective, and it is because I have not used my limited energy on the process. I am sorry, I am just not that, never mind.

Look, the way Barack and I made significant progress in the first term of his presidency, was by recognition. Everybody wants to be recognized. If we are not recognized, we feel as the relationship is unequal.

Recognition however is about understanding the other part of your discussion. This is actually the difficult part. Because to understand someone, you need to know them. Take the Persians. They are a proud culture, and rightfully so. It is an ancient civilization, and not recognizing this premise, is not to understand them.

I will tell you a story, that really gave me an understanding of international politics. My grandfathers uncle was a Grundtvigian. Grundtvigians, are the adherents to the founding father of Denmark; Grundtvig.

Denmark has had a long and strained relationship with the Faroe islands and Iceland. Both being a part of the viking empire that Denmark made a thousand years ago (England was actually also a part of that). But, through thousand years, we have been together in good times and bad times.

During the second word war, Iceland broke away from the community, and tried its own course. It is understandable, but of cause, for Danes, painful. We have been unfair to the Icelanders, and they decided to split.

Anyway, there was a huge crisis with the Faroe Islands as well, and my grandfathers uncle was on a diplomatic mission to try to mend the wounds.

What he did was, that he saluted the people of the Faroe Islands, and told them that he was sorry for whatever misdeeds that had been done in the past. He thereafter had important discussions with the Faroese, and the wounds were mended.

The point is, he did not represent himself, but rather he represented the people. He talked on the behalf of the people of Denmark.

If you represent the people, you are much more elevated in your stance. And you recognize your partner in discussion on an equal level.

When two Peoples meet in discussion, they are equal partners.

In fact, this was my advice to Barack Obama; to reach out not on an unequal level, but with a great respect for the people of Iran, Egypt, Tunisia, understanding their long history and legend, and offering a solution of peace. This is grand statesmanship, and it really worked.

G-d bless the peace, we need to find.

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