Well, it seems to me, that the Ukraine situation is coming to a halt. American allies are not in the mind to attack Crimea, and in this situation, diplomacy rests on a weak basis.

Personally I believe the outcome of the conflict ended fair and in the future we will se a peaceful collaboration between the two states. Why not? Both states are resourceful enough to support the people on the territory.

International relationships are however frayed over the conflict, the trust between Mr. Putin and Mr. Obama have diminished, and that is regrettable. But in practice it is not that much of a problem, the world still turns around, and the basic premises of the world are the same. Russia is not Communist anymore, and USA is not Capitalist anymore. So there are no ideological differences between the two.

In fact Russia is growing stronger, and USA is growing weaker. Barack and I have tried to turn the situation around, and in some aspects we have. But the corruption and godlessness of the country is still not totally turned around. There are good signs, as the catholic revolution, but most of the protestant parishes are not that strengthened. Perhaps the next president will see this as his objective, to realize, that G-d is alive and give Americans faith back. Faith in G-d.

Anyway, the international scene will feel the impact of this conflict, in the fact that Russian influence has risen and American has been diminished.

I am sorry about that, I believe that I from the beginning laid out a path, that, if followed, would have strengthened America, not weakened it.

The peace process in the Middle East will definitely be influenced by this, and hopefully in a good way. Kerry has now two defeats under his belt. Perhaps it was time to find another foreign minister. Perhaps Biden, he is very good.

Anyway, I will try to push the peace agenda forward, so that we can end the stand-off in Syria and hopefully find a strengthened relationship between Iran and Israel.

These are, at least, my objectives.

G-d bless the will to compromise.

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