imageAll politics is about the making of a better society. For this the politicians need the philosophers, in order to come up with new ideas to tackle the difficulties of the nations.

Now, it may seem as though new things come up all the time, and new ideas are surpassing old ones, and we live in this vicious whirlwind of a society, where everything changes all the time.

It could not be more wrong, in fact the ideas we base our socities on have not changed the last five thousand years; priesthood, rule of law, democracy, and so on.

All was invented in a few thousand years in Mesopotamia, or rather basically it was invented in one single city called Eridu, a little in Uruk and the rest in Babylon.

Of cause a lot of development happened in Egypt as well, but most of the political ideas (apart from the Scandinavian principles) was invented in a city we today know in the bible as Eden.

What will this insight give us? Well as Leo Tolstoy said. All normal families work after the same single principle, all dysfunctional families work with each their own special principle.

Really we have not moved, as mankind that much since Babylon.

The first French Revolution, that we still base most of our systems on today was in fact, and this was the strength of it, a renaissance. That is a rebirth of the ancient ideas. See the point? The French philosophers did not make something new, they just reused the same basic ideas. To a very good result.

Making a good society is therefore, today, knowing what the ancients though about society, and then use it again.

Perhaps one day we will reach a point, where we can actually start making new ideas again, if that would happen, it would be the first time in five thousand years.

The edenites called their collected principles of politics Meh. A kind of encyclopedia of civilization. This is what we are able to draw upon if we wish to make a better world. Not to make an extreme utopia, but just to be normal.

G-d bless the will to be normal.

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