Ukraine is on a new path, hopefully the path of redemption and renewal. But how? The difficulty of the matter is extreme, as the conflicts are numerous and the resources are few.

First of all I would recommend a task force focusing on a new constitution. Why? Because the constitution is the reflection of the national identity.

In Ancient Greece, each city state had its own constitution usually made by a philosopher. In Athens it was Solon, in Sparta it was Lycurgus.

Now, making a new constitution forces all participants to discuss how and what the country should be. If made professionally, it can be a very inclusive process. In fact if we look at the recent work done in Egypt, exactly this has been the idea and result. Superbly conducted by Al-sisi all the democratic factions attended the process, and as a result, a rock solid constitution, where all the participants of the revolution feel they have a part. As a sign of the ethical standard this constitution is made on. Al-sisi reduced his power as a president and not enlarged it. They have this very beautiful tradition in Egypt of sacrifice to the nation of Egypt.

In America too, making the constitution was some of a legendary work, elevating the makers into half gods, and rightfully so. The American constitution is a marvel of checks and balances and the system is extremely sturdy.

What they have as a special thing, is the amendments special super principles defined by the people. Still today these principles stand as a safeguard against the abuse of power by the state.

My point is, Ukraine may want to start a discussion and a redefinition of Ukraine identity.

This process should be inclusive and take the best ideas and maxims of all the parts of Ukraine society and make a new fresh start.

Corruption can only be weeded out, if people have faith in something. So give people that; something to have faith in. A superb constitution is something to have faith in.

G-d bless the will to compromise in Ukraine.

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