Now, the game over Ukraine is more or less finished, the peace compromise that I proposed has been accepted by the different parties, and thank G-d, peace can be the fruit of this process. For this I think we should be grateful for the wisdom and the light we have been the humble servants to.

To follow the good and the spirit of the universe, is necessary if we wish to have peace. If we only follow the interest of the material world, we end up in war. Because then it will be greed and jalousie that will control our actions. Now we can serve the human kind, and bring betterment and progress to all the children of the earth. Make the world a better place.

Now, Israel has had a wise and central position in this debacle, and I hope, that in the future this role can be strengthened and progressively work in more areas where wise counsel is needed.

This is Israel, to work for peace. If this mission is accomplished, the system the great jewish prophets envisioned can be realized. In fact, the vision Abraham had, can be realized.

Israel was never meant to be a dominating power in terms of military strength. That does not mean that Israel should not defend itself, but it was never meant to be oppressive.

This leaves Israel only the force of the pen. The ability to counsel and appraise the situation. Not force anything.

This role is strengthened, and hopefully we can continue on this path, and help our compatriots in The Middle East.

As soon as the Ukrainian conflict is settled, we should really move on to Syria, and try to bind the pieces of that stricken Nation together again.

At least, seen from a humanitarian perspective, this is the most important.

G-d bless the will to bring forth peace.

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