Concerning the crisis in Ukraine.

To make any sense of it, it might be a good idea to take a step back, and look at it from the outside.

Who are the main antagonists of the descendants of the viking empire? Is it Ukriane? No. Is it Russia? No.

It is first and foremost islamic radicals who are threatening the security of Europe, Russia, Asia and northern America. We have Al-Queda, we have the seccetion in Chechnya, we have them in China, we have them Africa, Middle East. They are still wreaking havoc around the globe.

Then there is China. For the time being it is not making much fuss, but looking at the growth rates of the economy, it will.

So, why are we getting deeper and deeper in to a conflict in Ukraine, pitting old cold war enemies against each other?

Because it is the most easy. All the systems of the cold war is still in place and much of the ideology, so it is easy to venture further down that road, but is it wise?

The more we are united, the less the danger will rise from our enemies, the more we are divided the higher the danger.

Now. Looking at the current conflict from a sound and realistic view. It should never have gone so far. It should have been solved with a clear eye on the long-term goals, and a fair solution given to the citizens of Ukraine.

If we just end in another meanless war, we will lose, maybe not the battle, but we will lose the war for independence and liberty. Because then we will not have the means to keep our democracies free in the long run.

G-d bless the wisdom we should see in the situation that we confront.

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