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palace_of_westminster_london-wideThere is a path for England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. This path has not been realized by the proud descendants of Vikings, Kelts and Romans yet.

But if you look at it, it all makes sense.

Let us have a look on some of the conditions that the United Kingdom is facing right now.

First of all, the romance with the EU combined with the moral collapse after the empire collapsed really has wreaked havoc on the UK. The faith in the country is almost depleted and the union itself is almost gone.

Add to this a number of enemies within in the territory of the UK, things have gone down the drain.

But, challenges are there for the bold to be met.

So how has the people reacted to this calamity; they start grouping up in the tribes they know they can trust. The English become more English, the Scottish more Scottish and so on. It is a normal reaction, if you feel threatened, you start binding ties to the persons closest to you.

This is the political and psychological conditions behind the problems that the UK face today.

So what do we do?

We react to the challenges, so that they are channeled into a new political organization that will strengthen and not weaken the economies and the faith.

How do we do that? Well, first thing is to reduce the pressure on the country. That is, reduce the power of Bruxelles. We have to do that anyway because the citizens of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland simply are so fed up with the politicking and power abuse of the bureaucrats of Bruxelles, that they will force the politicians to cut loose from Bruxelles anyway.

When this is done, and it will probably be done in a few years, new alliances will be made.

Now, Scotland is on the brink of breaking away from the unity of the kingdoms, and they wish to work with the rest of Scandinavia.

Well there is one problem with that, and that is the fact, that we are all under the thumb of the same bureaucrats as you are. We cannot choose freely. But, if the UK should leave the EU, probably Denmark would go the same way, then Norway and there you have it; the Northern Union.

Add to this a closer collaboration with Russia and the US, and we have a very strong union.

My point is; if the UK would wish to save its own skin, you have to move sooner or later. Better is be sooner, but if later, still there is a good chance, that we would be able to make a union after the fall of the EU.

The Union would solve both the problem the EU bureaucrats, and the moral collapse, because it would be a new unity with new values and new ways of doing things.

Hopefully it would also be a union based on equality and respect.

Anyway, such an enterprise really is the result of the problems we face. It is the solution.

And I can’t wait to get there.

G-d bless all the kingdoms of the british isles.

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