Peace in the North

Europe is changing rapidly these days. I have written about it before, but to recapture. the European Union has been at war with most of its citizens from the beginning. The raison d´etre, have been a classical secret society idea, that the elite knows best.

This idea comes all the way from Pythagoras, and even further back to Egypt. The main idea behind it, as actually quite sound, it is a refuge for philosophers and other clear thinkers, to protect them against the hatred of public when they want to change the society to something better.

In the case of Pythagoras, it is quite clear what the dangers of this approach brings. The public will eventually find and persecute the philosophers anyway, if they realize what the secret society have been up to.

So far the EU bureaucrats have been quite successful in obfuscation the truth, and have built the Union into an empire of a kind. The only problem is just that the public are starting to realize the end game, and as in many other secret projects, it turns out the people do not really like the ideas of the synarchists.

Now, if you look at history, most examples are as follows; the people realize that they have been deceived by the secret society, they rebel and kill the secret society. It happened with Pythagoras, and it will most probably happen with the EU elite. This is not a threat, it is the lesson we can learn from the past. If we do the same mistakes over and over again, we will not learn anything.

Now, what will the wise politician do in this situation. It depends on the mood of the country. If the mood is very pro european a wise stand would be to balance it off for the time being, but as the mood grows less and less pro eu, the politicians are forced to choose sides.

It is a little up and down in the different countries. But Italy is moving away from the Union, as is Great Britain, France and Germany.

What we need to do, is to make an alternative. The democratic springs that have evolved in many other places of the earth, could be channeled into some serious democratic organizations that will actually make a better life for all the citizens of that specific Union. The ground work have already been done in most northern countries, and the end game would, if we are timing the things to a good process, be peaceful.

It seems to me, that England and the rest of the UK is at the forefront of this development, given the relative freedom of the English press,the resources available and the tradition for independence, England is a natural leader in the process.

Hopefully we all can step in behind.

England is at a breaking point, where the politicians cannot both ensure a good relationship with the EU and keep peace at home. So it is forced to choose its own citizens, and is forced to break away. As you might recognize from the example of Pythagoras, this is the effect of forced statehood be secret means.

What we really do not want is all-encompassing chaos, we need to make the transformation of EU to post EU as smooth as possible, and we need the government to be on top of things.

This can be done by a slow-moving process from focus on EU to focus on the Nations needs, and a reconfiguration of the international organizations into something worthwhile, some real and positive forms of collaboration blessed by the Israeli peace workers, and based on true kinship.

I have given quite a bit of though about the current situation in Great Britain, and to me, it seems like you guys do not have much alternative, you need to move, and you need to do it now. The independence election of Scotland is in September, and the in or out vote, which is pretty much given is soon as well. The cards have been dealt, and you need to move on them.

The good news is, that we in the surrounding countries are moving with you.

So an initial probe to the nordic countries perhaps including France and Holland should be sent out. If this is received positively, the central government of UK could actually present an alternative to Scottish separation; a nordic Union.

In reality Scotland cannot make a Union itself, but together with the rest of the United Kingdoms, it could.

In this way, England would be set free from the EU, the UK would be kept as one union, and, and that is the long-term goal; The UK and the rest of the north would be kept safe and could start solving all these terrible problems the EU have put on our necks.

G-d bless the peace we may find.

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