peace-doveWhen we look upon the potential of what we might gain, one thing is certain; the possibilities are many, and we may actually make history in our time. When we look back in history, there has never been a point where all three religions had the potential to find common ground. Well, in fact we are all moulded in the same mould; Moses, Abraham, Egypt, Babylon. Well yes there is Jesus and Mohammad, but we really share the same foundation. Now this is the way to find peace and make a better world. It makes sense. Then how come there has never been a reunion, and all faiths have been in constant warfare. It is simple, because there has never been a single figure that all three religions trusted, and there has never been a situation where that single person could reach all three religions at the same time.

But that situation is now. With the advent of the internet, it is possible to talk to all three religions at once, and thereby reach common ground. It only takes one person to take up the task. That person should be extraordinary in the sense, that he should have family ties to all three religions. He has to have an Arab father and a Jewish/Christian mother. Or else it will not do.

His skills must be considerable, but, that is really not the point. The point is, he would have to represent all three religions.

This is potential me. For a long time, I basically thought that my skills gave me the influence I have, basically this is wrong. It is not so, it is because I represent a chance for the three religions to find common ground. I am a vehicle of a process that is totally beyond me.

If we then step back, then we may realize the potential of our time. We really have a chance to make something that will last after we are gone. Because such a development would be a reference point for all time ahead. There would always be a possibility to point back in history and say; well there was once when we lived in peace.

This is the potential we have, and I do not know whether we will succeed, but we would be very stupid not to do the attempt. Just imagine the glory and the influence on history. Not that this should be the purpose, the purpose should be peace, but who would not make himself immortal?

G-d bless the peace we are here to win in our time.

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