x-47b-drone-launch-from-carrierThe horrible images of the Kenyan mall, are still upon my inner vision. I see the atrocities, the dismembering and the onslaught of all we hold dear as something human. As though Chuckey the doll, just appeared from under my toilet seat, and started hacking away happily on my leg. Horror movies are not supposed to be real, they are supposed to be something we can amuse ourselves with, and then lean back in our sofa after the movie in the sound and happy feeling of home and peace.

Not anymore, the Kenyan mall attack is the scenario to come. There are good and bad Muslims, as there are good and bad Christians, Communist, Liberalists and so on. But we have to realize now, that the current atrocities we are witnessing are at the hand of the Islamists. The believers of Muhammad, who believe he wanted the blood spilled, and the curse be brought upon mankind. Muhammad is not that prophet to me, to me he is a civilizer and an illumnary.

This is as I see it, to other it is different. There are the good guys and the bad guys.

The Kenyan attack puts the development of Muslims and Muslim communities to a discussion. Here in Denmark, there are numerous fans of the organization that pulled the mall attack. Among the Danish Somalis, there are many who believe that the group known as Al-Shaabab was in their right mind. When will they put the same methods to the test in Denmark?

Basically, I believe that it is a matter of time, and however we wish it to be, the reality will be different. Wars, especially a war so brutal as we are witnessing now, will alienate people, put up walls between friends and family and tear worlds asunder.

When we look upon some of the great tragedies in the world; as the Huns in Europe and Asia, as the fight between Rome and Phoenicia, as the fight between Europa and Germany, the truth is, that the destruction that is brought upon all who participate is difficult to repair, there is only one way to get anything positive out of a war; by fighting for something good. Because that good, will eventually manifest itself if the party that war for good wins.

We are heading out for another round of vicious fighting in the Western world, another challenge to our world, and we must be swift and ready to meet it.

Now, how do we do that?

First of all, we need to adapt to the new way the wars are fought. Before, in the cold war, it was fought through clandestine means, that is infiltration and demoralization. Now it is mainly an asynchronic guerilla war. That is the international jihadis are good at keeping low, and emerge in destructive attacks, but their means are very limited. They do not have advanced technical abilities, but use their know how of the cities they live in, and civilian casualties.

Add to this, as we have seen in Kenya, atrocities done to just normal people, children women, and you have your enemy.

How do we fight this? First of all, we need to realize their strengths and our weaknesses. They are strong in faith, and we are weak in faith. They are very much allied with many political parties, and have infiltrated our police forces. We have the defense on our side.

So, we need to play our strengths, that is the superiority we have in the defense forces in terms of technical abilities and faith in our constitution. That is democracy and our faiths.

This gives us the simple answer, and now listen very carefully, it is very important that all of the West hear this. ROBOTS!

Small robots, large robots, quick robots, slow robots, flying robots, swimming robots, jumping, skimming, sneaking all kind of robots we can imagine.

Because if we had the ability to send in all these robots in the Kenya mall, we would have won as soon as they had arrived. See the point?

The technical abilities and the science skills we have, should ALL be poured into manufacturing and development of all these gadgets. It will give us the edge, as Russia had over Germany in the streets of Stalingrad, with the snipers, we will use all the mechanical things to combat the terror we will see

G-d bless the peace we have already won, and the peace we do strive to obtain.

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