Peace process

When we look upon Israels role i the ongoing peace debates. Sometimes I feel Israel does not acknowledge that I am a Jew. Yes I have background in all three religions, but firstly I am a Jew.

This brings Israel to the forefront of the negotiations of peace, and honestly, this is Israel. Israel is in its basic idea a vehicle for peace. If it was not for Israel, no-one would have thought so much about the Middle East. We are all inspired by the faith in the promise of Abraham, and if we obtain that peace, it will be Israel who have brought it there.

It is the positive side of the development Israel has brought to the Middle East. Off cause if there is a real threat to Israel after the compromise, it would be a problem, so Israel must be a serious partner in the process. Off cause.

Therefor, I really hope, that all lay down their animosities, and really focus on the deal.

To be realistic, the threat upon the world is not the old-time cold war constellations, not anymore, it is the new foes that rides under the banner of global jihad. So I would hope that we, in the end, are able to focus on them.

G-d bless Israel.

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