The Saudis

You have to be aware of the Saudis, they are, usually, playing a double game, and they are not trustworthy. There are different parts of islam, some of it is of a beautiful design, some of a warring and conquering design. We have to like the first, and dislike the latter.

Warring as a part of a metaphysical idea is not really a part of the good side of man, it is a part of the devious part of the holy sphere. Beware of that.

We cannot fight both Iran and the saudis at once, so we have to focus our resources, but we have to be aware, the saudis do not necessarily enter the conflict to help us, but to help themselves. Iran is a very great danger to the saudis themselves, and they are willing to go to a great length when it comes to sacrificing their own interest in America.

But to be realistic about the basic intent of the saudis, you have to read into their organizations in America, and if they are front groups of terror as Gaubatz has documented in his book “Muslim mafia”, they are basically just using us in their own game. They try to play a political/warring game using their enemies against each other, thereby gaining themselves.

Do not underestimate them, they are absolutely not stupid, and they will love you to use all your manpower and resources and the profit themselves afterwards. Do not let that happen, if they are in the war, they should pay up, or at least use some of their vast resources in our war.

Right now, they are playing us for fools, infiltrating the West, shoving us a nice pretty face to look upon. Do not be fooled, they have their own agenda, and that is the domination over the whole world using islam. At least that is the goal propagated by leading islamic scholars.

On the other hand, if we are smart, we keep them out of the game as long as possible, and then we see what happens.

But be careful, it is very difficult to enter a war with both the saudis and the israelis. It will be an act of balancing that will be extremely difficult.

G-d bless America

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