To fight an enemy, you have to be honest to yourself, and honest to the opponent you are fighting. If you try to deceive him, he will be in your throat faster than you can imagine.

Now, the enemy we are fighting is fighting exactly in the opposite manner, or rather they are still fighting cold war style; secret agents against societies, trying to infiltrate, seduce, use the corruption they find in a country against themselves. One of the leading lights of the islamists; Qutb is exactly such a cold war strategist, planning an attack against Europe and especially the US on the precepts based on cold war premises.

Things have changed however, the cold war has ended, and the internet age has started. The entire strategic game has shifted in an unforseen, but for the democracies a good way.

What is the basic difference between then and now? Transparency. People know how things work now, a beating of the wings of a butterfly can be heard on the whole globe in a blink of an eye.

Now, this is what we used as an advantage in the Libyan war, you stood tall, as I see it, you were honest, no double agenda, and the democracies had their first victory, on its own terms in almost two hundred years. The significance of the Libyan war was not understood, and has not been understood by the general academic world, the generals, the secret services or anyone else, but the two of us, and yes a few more.

This is our edge; we are fomenting and planning a new strategy that goes hand in hand with the emergence of the internet.

What does that give as consequences in practise? It gives us an ally, the people of the country we are trying to liberate, and it gives us a moral obligation.

People will know our true intent, so we have to be true. No double-dealing, no unjust behaviour, just the plane, bare truth.

We won with that strategy in Libya, we can win as well in Iran.

You are a tremendous orator, use that in the war. Wars are won by intent and spirit not just in terms of firepower.

Talk to people, give them something to hold on to, as you did in your state speech, it was absolutely riveting, this is your tool to sway people around.

I believe in you, everybody else will not be honest and loyal, but I believe in you.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    January 12th, 2012 at 16:14 | #1

    Hallo Asger. Hundreds of thousands years ago I incarnated for the first time with a group of second wavers for a specific purpose, to help the first wavers to regain their higher consciousness and give then a change to reach perfection, so they too could leave this world and never have to reincarnate again unless they chose to. The rules were clear. We could NOT interfere with people’s free will, but only show the truth by word and example and through our love for truth.
    Love for all truth (which is Wisdom), is called “Philosophy”. And since God is truth, “philosophy” also means “love of God”. Unfortunately, the intellectual truth many people possess is not necessarily what they say when speaking and conducting themselves, in other words, they know the truth, but act in selfishness. They massage the truth for their own benefit and to their opponent’s detriment. But as they say, “the proof is in the pudding”. A few of the second wave of Souls unfortunately, over time, became intellectuals and went really bad. They had the intellectual knowledge, but chose not to live by what they knew to be the truth. (Intellectuals do that). They live by taking advantage of others, which they can easily do with their intellect
    The rest of us second wave Souls now had to deal with the bad second wave ones as well as the original first wave problem. The bad second wavers, with their powerful intellect, loved the control and power and sexual benefits they had over the simple minded first wavers, and controlling their simple minds became an obsession, hence some religions started for the reason of smoke-screening the truth, but claiming it, to be the truth.
    Thousands of years ago, the concept of religion, and there were many different venues of this, was established, to help all the lost first wave of Souls in a certain direction to evolve to a spiritual goal. Nobody needed to be saved, since all were created with the talent of self-correction, they just had to be made aware. Some religions were better than others, and some were really bad. What unfortunately happened was that some bad second wavers became priest, rabbis, evangelist, Kings and politicians and other group teachers of whatever kind, and who many even practice today, kept the developing Souls on this primitive religious step with none, or only a little chance to evolve onward toward their true destiny, which is the Spiritual insight. Religions wanted people to follow their dogma, their book and their teachers, using many clever arguments. Spirituality tries to help people to think for themselves. Religion try to entertain intellectually through TV shows, fear mongering, guilt trips, superiority trips and violence. Spirituality suggests quiet meditation so people can learn to think and reason for themselves again. Where do you stand my friend?
    You know the questions Plato asked.
    What am I?
    Why am I here? Purpose?
    What is my Origin? And Destiny
    How do we achieve our purpose?
    The 4 true answers to this, are what true religion was ment to be. What are your answers or views?
    My friend, do not be part of the conflict somewhere else in the world, be part of the solution by enlightening people with your blog, otherwise you Karma will become a burden to you, trust me. There is so much good even in the worse of us, and so much bad even in the best of us, that it behoves no one to judge anybody. What I am saying is that the information you have on the subject of Iran and the Saudis may be erroneous, or twisted or fabricated. Let the benefit of doubt be towards the good. Get closer to the Creator, don’t distance yourself from others of his creation. You are getting close to the edge. Make the same righteous choice Joseph did with his brothers. I hate to tell you this, my friend, but your war mongering 3 latest scripts is way below your level. What do you think your purpose in life is? Please don’t regress; this life is your last chance to make it before the fat Lady sings.
    All the best and good luck.
    I am

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    January 15th, 2012 at 20:14 | #2

    Dear Rene 🙂

    Well, as always, my moral voice 🙂

    Listen, I understand what you are saying, but please we are heading for a war in the Middle East, and the West is very much involved. It is a war of an extreme complexity with many caveaets. But it is a war we have take, simply becuase the other alternative is not bareable; a nuclear armed Iran is an enemy we wish not to have, especially with the madman ideology professed by the leader Ahmedinejad.

    Now, you might disagree, but if I tell you, that the chaotic substance of his ideology is very close to a certain fallen angel, you might understand my attitude.

    But, you know, it is really not so complicated when it comes to the reason why i wrote the last postings; it is to help a friend of mine, in analyzing the difficult situation he is in meeting.

    We are heading for war, should a philosopher not give his ideas as how to work on it? If not me, who should.

    There will be a war, but we should fight it with the utmost care to ethics, that is my view on it.

    But, thank you for your consideration. I do think a lot about it.


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