There is a lot to gain and little to lose in the war with Iran. Yes the lunatic Ahmedinejad troops are, off cause in the bunkers, but the rest of us are to gain.

We however have to realize an ethical conduct in the war, otherwise we will lose the moral high ground.

How do we do that?

Personally, I see it as a discussion on the aim of the war. What are we in it for? Economical gain or a cause with a higher purpose?

If we are just in it for the money, we lose the moral fight, and should therefore, try not to be false in our ways.

I am sorry for the delay in the work with analysis, but due to personal risks and a fatherhood approaching I have been a little stressed.

Anyway, let us have a look on the matter.

Who are we fighting in the first place; a theocratic, shariabased, tyrannical, evil, destructive entity called an islamic republic.

Basically it is a mix of islam and the republic ideas of Plato. It combines different ideas such as the triangulation of power between a president a lower house of the people and an upper house of the aristocrats.

But, all in all it is just a sugar-coating over the same old islamic ideas propagated through the islamic practises and ideology. We have gay killings, subjugation of women and so on.

What is the problem with Iran? It is not working for the iranian people. It is simply not in line with the beautiful and just people of Persians. They still hold on to some of the ideas brought to mankind through their traditional faith; Zoroastrianism.

So it is a people under a lot of stress and a people willing to untie its shackles, it is a people under siege and in practical in chains.

We need to free that people, that is the only moral objective of any real value.

Yes, off cause we fight Ahmadinejad because he threatens the West, but to simply eradicate all of Iran would be to make a wrong out of a wrong. So we need to connect to the iranian people and make them feel that we are there for them.

Speak to them, be honest as you were with the Libyan people, show them, that this time, as in the first, you were there for them, and you will not give them another tyranny to swap for the tyranny they have. You are there to set them free, with respect for their local customs and ideas.

Off cause, you offer them something in return; democracy in regards of governmental system, and not just any democracy. I can help you to turn that democracy into something that will fit the iranian people as a glove over their weary hands.

Tell them that, and you might change the mood of the iranian populace.

Right now they are scared, and they are worried about the outcome of the contesting forces lined up in the Hormuz.

Another serious problem is the russian naval build up, that is a difficult situation. Please do anything to refrain from a direct confrontation with the russians. There are openings, Putin is under a lot of stress in Russia, he virtually stole the election from the russian people, and he is not capable of a full-fledged war in the long run, and he knows. Give him an honourable way out of the confrontation, if possible, if not now, then in the close future. He might take it, or, if the war continues, and he looses, he will, hopefully draw an honourable retreat. He is not the enemy, the iranian system is the enemy.

Your greatest problem right now is not Iran, it is your own allies. They are walking on eggshells. Iran has a huge network of irregulars in Europa, and he will fire them off when the heat gets going. This might put so much pressure on your allies; France and England, that they break and roll away, this will be a huge moral loss and should be prepared for. It is better to concentrate the firepower of France and England in the first phases of the war, to ensure the maximum use of their forces when they are still engaged and not too shocked over the home “terror”, or rather the islamic onslaught of their homelands. They will soon be mired in local conflict, and should be aware of that.

Then Israel; your most loyal and most capable ally, be very careful with Israel, they, or rather including myself, is an ally with enormous resources and intellectual capacity. They are the real strength in the Middle East. They (we) know everything, and are capable of a lot of action. They are unbeatable, and should therefor be honoured as a very dear ally.

When it comes to the english, they are scared back home, and the ministerial level is serious but weak, be kind to them, I will also, through my meagre channels give them my honest and best support. They are courageous but under a lot of pressure.

The French are in a better state, they are under a good leader, but they are also mired in economical as well as militant problems at home.

The EU is in a great crisis, and that will give us something to think about in the near future.

We should see this as a beginning of a long conflict, it will not stop tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, it will take years and years.

We should therefore be prudent with our resources, and make them last as long as possible. Soon we may see other great powers entering the conflict, and we will be under siege.

So, let us be serious, honest, straight forward, and be the ones that will not budge for anything but the straight told truth.

Be aware of the Saudis, they are not to trust, they always play a double game. But we need to focus on the one enemy we can seriously wrap our heads around right now; Iran.

But, be careful with the iranian people, they are worried, and we need to win them over on our side, as we did with the Libyan people.

They are not naïve, and we should be honest with them, only do what we say, and promise them freedom.

G-d bless America, the leader of the West

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