Shimon Peres

shimonperes2-knkg-621x414livemintWhen we live up to the expectations of what we are as Jews. There are no closed doors anywhere. When we do not, we are vilified and hated.

That is the way it is. The choosing of us as a people, is not just a blessing, it is, as much, a curse.

We have to be perfect, in almost any possible way, and then they put us on a pedestal.

I think this is why the life and work of mr. Peres is such a telling tale. Everybody hated him for the Oslo accords. But I mean, at least he tried, right. I would not have done it, because there were too many unknowns, and too many players, that did not want the peace. But, he tried, and he won the respect of the world, but the despect of Jews.

I think we have looked on it in a wrong way. What he tried to do, was not make peace, it was the SYMBOLIC act that mattered to him.

He must have known that it could not be done, because the cards were as they were. But he still tried, and doing such a symbolic act, he actually carved out a name for himself, and showed the world, that there is a will for peace.

He was the false Messiah, and for that he was hated and still loved.

When will the true Messiah come, that is the question we all put to ourselves. The king that will truly give meaning to Israel, and realise the existence of Israel. Because, at the end of the day, Israel can only be built by the Messiah.

I know that perhaps I am the Messiah, perhaps it is Barack. To me, that will only be proven, if there is peace.

Until that, we will have to see. But I believe, we should see mr. Peres life as an example on someone who could have been the Messiah, but never really made the last step.

But he showed us a way. That is his true legacy. He showed us, that there are Jews, of a high ranking, that will try peace.

With that, he won the praise of the world, and paved the way for peace. Because he made an example.

In this light, I believe we should see his sacrifice. Because he knew he would have to pay, and he did it anyway. For Israel.

G-d bless mr. Shimon Peres, may he rest in peace.

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