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largenapoleoncisalpineproclamationbylafitteThings are starting to shape up for us. Mr. Trump seems to have lost his connection to the real world, and we are working on the positive and true image of our campaign. Well done campaigners. And especially well done ms. Clinton, you passed the test with flying colours.

What has really happened?

Well, we are in the middle of another revolution. Mr. Sanders keep telling us this, and maybe he is right?

What is this revolution he keeps talking about, and our young are so idealistic about?

I have thought about it, and there is one thing, that made me realise what it really is; the fact that we have not talked about communism for a long, we have, however talked a lot about another thing that is, or was, also revolutionary in its time; Democracy.

Mr. Sanders, and mr. Obama er truly not communist revolutionaries, they are democratic revolutionaries, and that is a huge difference.

We are not fighting for communism, no we are fighting for the values of the First French revolution. Human rights, enlightenment, the freedom of speech and law.

This is what is the true core of what we are witnessing. And that is bearing the torch to at new generation.

While communism did not stand the test of real life, democracy did. We are in the middle of another of those revolutions. In France they are talking about the sixth republic, we should be talking about democracy 2.0.

Another round of the good, rationalistic, freedom loving men and women, fighting tyranny.

There are a lot of people who despise politics. It is because we have forgotten the virtues of a democratic republic. Forgotten the honesty and enlightenment it craves. We should be thankful that our young daughters and sons reminds us of these values yet again. Because otherwise the system just stops working.

This is why we are winning, we are truly fueled by the revolutionary spirit of the Napoleonic Cisalpine republic.

The right and privilege to be free and the willingness to sacrifice ourselves for that.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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