American Election

Well, it was an ok debate yesterday, it was not the prettiest, but it will work. 

When we look at the connection to budding Democrats, that tries to learn us about what it is to be young, there is one point we have not truly realized yet, but we need; the fight with Islamic state. 

We have ourselves moved quite a bit these late years. Let me give you my own explanation and historical brief. 

It happened in the last intifada. Here mr. Netanyahu made a pivotal decision in the middle of the fight. It was all about going in and start truly unleashing the might of the IDF against the budding Palestinian state. In the final ours of that quest, I asked mr. Netanyahu to hold his horses and wait for the world to realize what was happening in Iraq under the guise of the other war. The IS was on the move, taking area after area, finally building the Caliphate. 
The world watched in horror and expectation on the unleashing, but it did not come. As a result, Israel is today still in one piece, and the economic and worldwide backlash a pummeling of Hamas would have given Israel was held back. On the contrary the fight was seen as kind of “even” in the eyes of the international audience. Actually a tremendous victory for Israel in itself. Israel reaped the fruits of that victory by the alliance with the Arab world. Quite a feat. 

Anyway, let us have a look at “Islamic State” and what it has given us. It has given us a world of pain to all who do not agree to their view. They go after the gays, the minorities, the weak. They rape and pillage. Lately there has been a string of attacks on American soil. Things that are anti Liberal in its very essence. 

What they are aiming at is a vast, G-d driven state, where the imams are ruling everything from how to pick your nose to how you take a s… (Sorry) to how to patronize women. 

This is what we are truly fighting, a regime that puts Fox network and Breibart as a willy nilly, pink sambadancers.

They are the true tyrants we are facing. Yes there is Wall Street, but these guys beat them by far. Because they defy all that is humane, democratic and just.

G-d bless the will to win. 

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