American election

It is one day from the most devastating, potentially, turn of events in the world. The second debate in the American election.

As a rare treat in the world of philosophical development, I have had, and has the honor, to participate in that debate.

While as I have been a part of the renewal of politics in the sense of finding the roots of politics. Trying to find the core of what politics really is. This contest is carried by all of what it not is, mud slinging, accusations, debate on moral character rather than political content.

I do believe, that what we need is not a mud fest, but a new direction.

But it seems to me, that that hope is in vain. We have the parties and contestants we have, and they are both flawed to some degree.

But that should not keep us from looking at the world from a sound perspective, and discuss what is not good for us, but how civil service, will be just that, to serve the public.

One true advise I can give ms. Clinton, is a thing she may have overlooked, but then again with the level of preparedness maybe not.

Trump is going to hammer on the alleged infidelity of mr. Clinton. This is just …, but that is an angle. Don’t worry too much about that, he is not exactly the model of good behavior himself, as we have recently come to know.

But there is another flaw or weakness of ms. Clinton, that talks to his strengths in the political discussion, open borders.

That is the opposite of what he is proposing, that is closed borders, and he has the electorate behind him in this area.

So some kind of modern approach to that issue is extremely important. Open borders is true poison for the Clinton campaign. I would recommend a sound and normal understanding of borders. That is, that it encroaches a given territory with a given political system. So that those in the system are, in our case, democratic, and outside, they have other systems.

I know that this goes against the dreams of many people, but this is exactly what scores and scores of voters are against, both in Europe and in the US. If we do not leave that political stance, we end up with a lot of neo nazism, KKK and whatever they are called, and that is simply not a price worth paying.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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