American Election

Well, it seems to me, that the election is, more or less decided in the favour of ms. Clinton. Ok, there is still some time, and it seems to me, that mr. Trump has invigorated his fanbase. That in itself is really impressive. It would have been difficult to even have a campaign if that had not been the case.

But, listen. This is a very strange election, usually the debates are the high points, but with all the media coverage of the character assassination attempts, the debates seem to matter less and less.

Anyway, as a Dane, to me, I would be happy to work with both persons. You know, I support Hillary, as a true supporter of mr. Barack Obama. But the differences between the two contestants in terms of content, is actually not that wide. Both support a non-racist stance, both are for civil rights, both are against Isis, but not against all Muslims. Mr. Trump even apologised to the muslim hero he had antagonised.

There are differences in the small things. Especially in the stance on second amendment, migration and the relationship to Russia. But all in all, the differences are truly not that wide.

When it comes to leading the country, I do support Hillary, I think, honestly, that she would do the best job. But, I do not worry that mr. Trump would ruin everything. I think he has grown through the election.

So, all in all, i think, for America, things are shaping up. For Hillary and Donald, we will see. But my bet is on Hillary.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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