The institution of kingship in Israel

There are a lot of signs, that points to the imminent arrival of the Messiah, peace is slowly descending on the Middle East, Israel is thriving, and it seems to me, that there actually is a viable chance that the house of David will indeed be reinstated in the state of Israel. 

If we look at the last constitution, that is the constitution of David and Solomon, compared to the constitution we have now, that is a Socialdemocratic, non religious constitution, how would they compare.I mean apart from the fulfilling of the prophesy, there is also a practical organization that has to be done in order for the new king to be a part of the political process.

In practice, how will the Knesset react to having a king all of a sudden.

If we look at other examples, we can see, there are a few to compare to, Denmark, the US, the U.K. 

In the US, the president holds the position of the king in a normal monarchy. In Europe, the kings are still hereditary. That is, a single family has been on the throne for a long time, the role of King, or Queen, given from father to son or daughter. 

What really is noticeable, is the dignity of the role. A king or queen, is an extremely dignified person, and has a role of loftiness. 

The Queen in Denmark rarely talks about much, but when she does, it is with an extreme dignity. She is straight backed, honest, but she still respects the parliament and its decisions. 

The current organization of the country, that being a de facto substate under the EU commission, is not her cup of tee, but she refrains from commenting on it, focusing on the wellbeing of the realm.

This role is truly what a new king should fulfill. That of giving dignity to Israel. I believe that mr. Shimon Peres really had a element of this in his ways. He was so dignified, so his example is something we should look onto, to look for a true king. 

It should be one that understands the balance between parliament and the signification of the royal institution. 

If it actually is realized, it would be an extremely powerful position, giving peace all around the world. It would make the world a better place, and ensure, that we would live in an era of progress.

G-d bless Israel.

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