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Ok, there is a bit of momentum right now. Let us use that, put in a few jabs and blows, put him on the defensive.

First of all, we need to understand what truly gave is a lead in the debate. It was not due to good looks or extravagant use of ideas. It was because we gave as we got.

That is the key, and that is truly the difficult thing in this contest. We put mr. Trump on the defensive, and he could not get out of that corner.

That is how we win, be we should be realistic, we caught him on the wrong foot. He was unprepared, he did not see it coming, and he had lulled himself into a belief, that a milder tone would win him the election. In short, he underestimated ms. Clinton.

That will not happen again. We need to put up our defences, and start that gruelling fight with mr. Trump. We should not be overconfident, because one victory will not win us the battle.

So we need to shed the calculator, and start the grim fight. Ok, not too much, not absolutely, but with honour and initiative.

Take the jab mr. Trump does with the discussion on the infidelity of mr. Bill Clinton. This is absolutely grim.

We should be the same. Ask him why he did not deliver his tax papers, is he hiding something.

And then be honest with our defence.

That part of the marriage of the Clintons is totally problematic, but it is a long time ago, and we have found a solution.

Let us go on talking about the things that matter, should we?

Something that matters NOW, like why mr. Trump does not show his tax papers.

It is dirty, but we need to realise, that, to some level, we need to meet mr. Trump in the dirty gutter, otherwise he will just bully himself to the presidency.

G-d bless mr. Trump and ms. Clinton, may it be a relatively fair fight.

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  1. Peter Buch
    October 1st, 2016 at 13:38 | #1

    It is not about fairness.
    It”s politics, about unfairness.

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