Now the war in Israel has changed character. In the beginning it was basically just an uprising, although a very well planned uprising. It has now turned into a war.

When Barack and I fought the war in Libya, we did it to counter some of the strategies that Gadaffi made, and had learned from the Palestinians. Here is how we won.

First of all, the Palestinian see warfare in a much more modern optics than we do. They have recognized, that the main battle is not on ground but in the media. You win or lose your wars in media. So the media has to be the central part of your strategies from the beginning.

The palestinians have taken it to it a extremes by sacrificing women and children to make good pictures. This is smart, but only smart as long as the media do not realize the plot. Not to mention that using women and children is, ethically, extremely gruesome.

With the advent of the internet, this strategy was weakened, because the world has become much more transparent. Gadaffi made a kind of a theatre, but nobody fell for the plot, because it was too obvious that it was just smoke and mirrors.

So what we did in Libya, was to use only high precision bombs, and secret servicemen.

So we won the moral high ground. After the victory, we had the problem, that we did not control the weapons on ground, so we could not stop the arsenals of Gadaffi getting into the wrong hands, but the war itself was an astounding victory.

Add to this the fact, that fewer lives were lost, the strategy was an overall success. We could not control the outcome, that was up to the Libyans, but they, after all were more free after Gadaffi were gone than before.

So, to win a modern media war, you have to fight with an eye on what the media will report. You need to be more willing to share information, give them true stories and protect them if they want to be an eye on the ground. But most important, be ethical in the fight. Do not hit civilians, only military combatants.

This is difficult in a situation where Hamas use the same methods, but instead of using imprecise methods, use precise methods.

Hitting the topbrass is a very good strategy. People die, but much fewer than in mass war, and after all, the topbrass are steering the war, and without them, many people will survive.

The Americans use high tech methods as drones combined with special services. This could be an idea. Combined with some high precision bombings, it could easily turn the tides of war.

One more idea, it must be possible to use snipers to hit the few enemies we need to hit. That would reduce the cost of war even more.

G-d bless the will to act responsibly in the face of enemies.

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