Now, the bombs are raining down on both Palestinians and Israelies. Both are we trapped in our own self understanding. We as Israelies should defend ourselves, and always stay calm and focused on our path. But we should never succumb to the level of idiocy that is defined by seeing our enemies as evil.

There is evil, but not always as we think it is. Evil is egoism and selfishness. This is not the case with the Palestinians, they are quite sacrificing, their goals are just different, and we are just a tool they use to obtain their goals. They hate us, but they hate us, because it brings them allies and resources. You could say it is a kind of professional hate. Something all other antisemites can hook onto.

But basically they are dreaming their dreams too, and their dreams are getting further and further away. This is why they are so desperate. They dream of the eternal caliphate, and are revolutionaries. But their dream is bursting. Their plot is seen through, and they are getting desperate.

So what should we do? As everybody does when you have to treat someone who is desperate. With patience, the right amount of rejection, and ultimately they can go on with another life somewhere else. When dreams burst, well you have to pick yourself up, and get on with it. Some dreams are fulfilled others not.

This dream of the eternal caliphate, that they have worked on for a hundred years is not going to work, simply because the quality of the dream is too bad. It is not good enough. The world will not be happy and progressive with a sharia run caliphate. It is just like that. What it will be happy with however is a democratic Islam or Christianity of Judaic state. After all, exactly where the caliphatist are putting down their roots, is where this idea was invented. It was invented by Semitic people in Mesopotamia.

But, while we are witnessing the desperate swansong of the caliphatists of Gaza, we should remember to be benevolent, not abuse our power because of anger. But use it to solve the problems in the most considerate way.

G-d bless the will the remain calm and with a true perspective on the aftermath of the conflict.

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