imageWhen people look upon Scandinavia, they are perhaps in two minds. Who are the Scandinavians really supporting; the free democratic world, or the caliphatists of the Muslim brotherhood and al-Queda?

Well to answer that question one has to understand the history of the said countries to see the history in a modern context.

Scandinavia is not filled with secular peaceful democracies, on the contrary it is filled with very tyrannical governments who use their powers in a manner not suited for democracy.

One of the basic rules of a democracy is the rule of not using propaganda on the constituency. Ideally the citizens will in a free rational, democratic dialogue reach a conclusion on a given subject.

All of the Scandinavian states use white ops, grey ops and even black ops sometimes.

The discussion is steered over to subjects that will not harm the central powers, and if there is a threat to the central power, it will use media to defame and ostracize the given person. All in all a classical socialist dictatorship. Not as violent as the soviet under Stalin. But with the same methods.

This power is used to support the Islamists or the caliphatist. Any criticism of hizb ut tahrir or other Islamist organizations are defamed as islamophobic. Not in Denmark, but in Sweden and Norway. Artists who critisize Islam are persecuted violently by the state. It started with a politician called Glistrup in Denmark, and still it is going on in Sweden, where a young painter called Dan Park is put to jail defamed as a “hater of a specific people”.

Very little is done to the caliphatists, they are in fact supported economically and are basically free to roam as they please. Lately there have been some discussion on the jihadi fighters the Islamic radicals produce, but very little real work is done to curb the threat. I mean, the infrastructure that the boys are the product of is still helped and supported in any way, so the crackdown on a few boys will not do much. Not if the crackdown is giving them therapy with a psychologist.

To be fair, there is a huge part of the intellectual elite, especially in Denmark, where the tradition is most well founded, that has been critical to the support and collaboration with the Islamists. Most well known product of this intellectual fight is the Mohammad cartoon crisis, that actually was the turn around in the fight between the West and East against the Islamists. Here the prime minister of Denmark mr. Anders Fogh Jensen had a fight with the entire Muslim world, and the cartoonist mr. Kurt Westergaard became world famous.

I started my intellectual career in the midst of the crisis and was a part of the intellectual discussion.

So you could say, that the state, including the media is pro Islamist, but there are very, very strong opposition to the alliance in Scandinavia.

The drama includes persecution by the secret police, killing of family members, gag orders, infiltration of families, economical persecution and a host of other different methods used.

But the tide is turning, and the caliphatists are loosing, so Scandinavia is hard pressed to remain a loyal ally. It will probably try to retrieve some of the support as time goes, and the international pressure on Scandinavia is raised.

Then we may ask; why? Why do rich countries with otherwise good tradition for peace work and so on ally themselves with death troopers?

Well, there was a generation where everything was just a game. They squandered the world away they had inherited. Some call them the 68. I do not know, but it is for sure, that there is a heavy price to be payed sooner or later. And the process will be extremely painful for the state. The stubbornness with which it has carried on has surprised even the Islamist. The most dedicated fighters of the caliphate is in fact not the caliphatists themselves but their allies in Scandinavia. They are willing to sacrifice the best in themselves to pursue the dream of a western world caliphate in their midsts.

This is not rational, and the actual stupidity is really astounding. But I really hope they see the light soon, and start turning the boat. Because the crash will be severe, but the longer the course that is taken right now is not changed, the harder the fall will be.

G-d bless the wisdom of the actual rational being called a Dane, Swede or Norwegian.

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