imageOne of the very overlooked tradegies of the current development of the Isil held parts of Syria, is the destruction of ancient relics. So far Isil have only destroyed Iranian holy sites, and not the older and, to the east and west, more significant objects.

Think about it as the birth cradle of democracy, religion, natural science, rule of law, writing in fact most of what we today see as the foundation of our own culture. It was invented here. First in the town of Eridu (Eden in the bible) and then Ur and Babylon.

The rule of law for example was invented in its modern form by the king Hammurabi of Babylon.

Will Isil respect these relics, that are, by all means also a part of their own history, or will they destroy it.

If they do, we are even more compelled to stop them. It would simply but an outrage, and a loss for all of humanity in the future.

G-d bless the protection of ancient culture.

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