imageWe are entering a more peaceful phase of the war between Israel and Hamas. In the ancient times when Israel was first ejected and stood tall, there were numerous wars with the surrounding tribes and empires. When Israel was at its greatest under David, it understood and fought the wars to its benefit. This was a commandment that came directly from Moses, who dreamed of a monotheistic nation, under the rule of G-d. This initiation of monotheism, is therefor not all liberal, but somewhere in between, because David and Moses were also great believers in justice and love.

To really connect to the spirit of Israel as it stood the first time, we need to find that balance between at one hand defense of Israel and all it’s values, and at the other hand a firm understanding of justice and love in warfare.

David defeated Goliath, and I believe we all see the beauty in that, why? Because it underscores a basic paradigm of Davidian prowess. He was at his best when he was fighting against innumerable odds. Why? Because there is absolutely nothing wrong in fighting against a supreme enemy who wants to defeat you with his might. It forced David to use skill and intelligence. The same he did when he was excommunicated into the desert and came back to Israel with a motley crue of fighters and won the day for Israel again.

So what are the teaching of this? First of all, David fought not with superior numbers he fought with courage and skill. He sought the solution that would use his superior skill (using a sling at close range to hit an eye is almost impossible). He fought with audacity, not worrying too much about his own safety.

If we use these principles in the current situation, we can see, that just going in with superior forces would not be the Davidian way, it would be the Goliathan way.

In the past we have tried to do that in the current Israel, but it has basically always failed us. But when we fight in the Davidian way, as in the wars with Egypt, not to say anything bad about Egypt, but when Ariel Sharon used his superior skill with his tanks, in a battle where Israel was outnumbered, we won a tremendous victory.

The concrete threat to Israel is exactly difficult, because it easily draws us into a Goliathan scene, where we use groundtroops to fight underground troops. If we do that, they will be the cunning, and we will be forced to use superior force.

We therefor need to find a tactical method, where we are actually smarter, and are the little guy.

I have thought a bit about it, and I would recommend a strategy, that might be useful.

There is one edge we have over Hamas, that is actually smart; robots. Robots demand a lot of skill to use, and are very difficult to produce.

As a consequence, it is a weapon that is secludedly one we have.

The problem is however the tunnels beneath Gaza, and across Gaza. There are many, and can be used to hide weapons and men.

We have some scouting robots we use for reconnaissance. This reconnaissance is probably feeded back to the intelligence team and handed over to IAF to use in the precision fighting.

But if we can tweak this tool even more, perhaps arm the robots, find new tactics with swarming robots, used to box in fortresses, perhaps using the new strides having been made within artificial intelligence we could get the upper hand.

This would secure, that fewer lives would be taken, and that it would be only armed Hamas forces who were targeted. After all, women and children in tunnels is not something that would make any sense.

What we do have to think about too, is a way to reduce the losses of Hamas fighters. Not target them indiscriminately, but focusing on the hardware.

There are numerable strategies that have been made to use ground forces in collaboration, this may be of some inspiration. It is about coordinating the attacks. Germans used the blitzkrieg ideas, where they took large swaths of land in a limited time, thereby using tanks better than the enemy.

New paradigms of robotic warfare must appear, because these are the weapons that kind of rule today.

We have to speed up the implementation and strategies if we wish it to make an impact, but with luck it could turn the battletide.

G-d bless the wisdom prowess of the kind and just.

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