World cup

Bastian-Schweinste_2220414bI remember reading Hegel. Hegel is the predecessor of the current socialist paradigm, that practically rules the world. (Marx saw himself as a follower and a rebel towards Hegel). Hegel has this one little piece of light that shone through one of his books. He said that G-d would open the gates of heaven and a beam of light would descend upon the nation of Germany. Well, after a long walk in the dark, finally this beam has once again illuminated Germany. Lost in the dark after the second world war, antisemitism, the abuse of all that was German in way by Hitler. Then through a long walk after the war, and now, with all the traditional values it has won the world cup.

Germany is a mix of Danish culture, Christian/Jewish culture and Roman culture. The discipline setup by the Romans, is mixed with the positive Christian culture, and then as a final ingredient the warrior culture of Denmark is the basis.

You could see this in the field. The discipled manschaft was never broken and rarely under true pressure. The team worked as a team, and really seem to like each other. But finally, the krieger, Bastian Schweinsteiger, arose and straight-backed and mighty, defended the colors of his tribe.

At the other hand, Argentina was extremely good, but at a day where the individual does not live up to his full potential it all flounders. At the other hand, it was well fought by the glorious Argentinians, and may they arise again with their pride intact.

Finally, I believe that Brazil will acknowledge after the world cup, that being a host is not about winning, it is the opposite, it is about being a good host. Showing the qualities of a country. Brazil has done exactly that. Given the world the feeling of a football crazy nation, supporting the all the guests with warmth and actually precision and order. This calls for an international appraise.

G-d bless you all, will you all prosper in the light of the maker.

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