We are entering another phase of the ongoing feud with the so called Palestinians. First they thought they had us, and could use the normal methods of attack and then manipulate the media to their advantage.

Not this time, the world is different, and their ideology is not that popular anymore. The shift from socialism to Islamism is not that wise, if you want to keep the sympathy of the world.

So Egypt proposed a truce, that was not met, and now Hamas is trying a new negotiation on better terms for Hamas.

Well there is one aber dabei. The leverage Hamas used to have has diminished considerably, and therefor the terms should reflect this.

Be real, if Hamas want a truce, well ok, we can have that, but it should at least be a truce that reflect the situation.

Secondly, I would advise Israel to take it easy. The negation situation is to our advantage, and we do not therefor need to haste.

The end result should be a truce that will, truly give peace, not just some temporary stop in the fighting. So to be realistic, this would include some kind of termination of the power of Hamas. It can either be done by eliminating their infrastructure, or it can be done by making a deal.

But the wise waits for the right result. Do not shake on the hand, and acts with providence at exactly the right time.

G-d bless those who are wise and patient.

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