imageWell a lot of my friends who are really fighting for peace are very disappointed about the developments lately. They believe that the fight was in vain, and now we are just reduced to the eternal wheel of action and reaction. Revenge calls for revenge and this goes on in an endless circle.

Well, first of all. Peace is not won just by dialogue. Dialogue is the first and foremost principle, but if your opponent refuses to listen and is stubborn in his attack on you, you end up in war. That is just the way it is.

When we come to that phase of a conflict, either you reduce or you increase the fighting. Again if your opponent is not interested in defusing the fight, you cannot help but respond to his or her actions.

The point is, it is not about action or reaction, it is about the mindset of the fighters. If just one of the actors are not interested in peace, there will never be peace.

With the Muslim brotherhood/Al Queda/Isil, they have been living in a dream world for too long to be realistic about their prowess. They are seriously believing that their dream of spreading Islam to the entire world will succeed. This is absolutely absurd, as events have showed us lately. Now they have a piece of land in Iraq, and that is what they will remain with for a long time. But they will continue the barrage and the fight. It is delusional.

So, if you fight a madman like that, you cannot just sit down, smoke a pipe of peace and then just have peace. You have to counter his moves, otherwise you will end up at he end of his barrel, and he will start shooting your wife, or rape your daughter.

That is how the material world works. To counter that move, you must fight to keep the peace. You have to respond to his aggression with the most peaceful means in your arsenal. Use your might to reduce his strength and slowly wear his power off.

If you stay on the moral high ground, no one will see you as a tyrant. Because tyranny is the act of a stronger person against a weaker person to take some of the weaker persons belongings.

Keepers of peace, like policemen and the military knows these things and in a good world, they would only use their force to protect and serve. They are not perfect however, so often they abuse their power, but ideally this is how things work.

There is a reason why we have policemen, and that is because if they were not there, the weak would suffer.

So, to make peace in the Middle East, a true just force must be able to operate.

G-d bless the will to operate like true protectors.

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