Now there has been a lot of talk about strategy towards IS, everybody knows it is almost impossible to stop them, because they are already living amongst us. Recently a hapless old lady was killed in cold blood, just because she was in the way of a Muslim on a rampage.

But just because it is difficult does not mean we should not do anything. We, of cause have to solve the problem.

If we look at the underlying problem. We must realize, that the greatest problem is the fact that the Islamists use our own best principles to their advantage. We are not prone to cast people out of the country, because we feel sorry for them, we will protect their human rights and so on.

So we have tied our hands, ourselves. This we have to do away with. We will have to do what is necessary, like expelling people who are living in our countries, if they are criminal, are Islamists or in other ways threaten our society.

Looking at the problems we have with European citizens who fight in Syria. Why on earth should they be welcomed back? They are not in alignment with our democratic system, so they have no place.

Looking at citizens who despise our democratic ideals but still live here in Europe, they should also be expelled. Not on groundless accusations. But if the are openly fighting for, or in alliance with the Islamic State. Then what on earth are they doing in a democracy?

We however have to differentiate between citizens who have been a citizen for at long time, and can trace his ancestry back many generations, and citizens who are newcomers.

There will be cases where the illegal citizens have nowhere to go back to, in this situation we have to make a deal with a country in the region they originally came from.

This is how you solve the problem with the Islamists.

This may sound harsh, but the method of Islamic state is harsh, and eventually we will have to do something about it.

If not, we will have to kill them, or be killed. That is a worse scenario.

In war, the fronts will be more and more destructive the longer the war takes. Actions that may seem harsh in the beginning will seem soft after the war has been fought for some time.

In the end, after prolonged war, there are many cases of total annihilation, as in Spain with the Muslims there, Rome and Phoenicia in the Punic wars, not to mention Muslim warfare in the classical time.

This is the endresult if we do not do anything.

So, I propose a simple relocation of all who are not aligned with our democratic constitution and wish for a caliphate.

G-d bless the will to remain human in the face of atrocities.

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