Things are heating up in Europe, the terrible, terrible scandal of the grooming of all the hapless girls of Rotherham is a warning for all who are defined as protectors of Europe.

The reason why I have been excluded from the Danish society, in btw., is because if criticized some of the same behavior here in Denmark five years ago.

Now, if we look upon who are with and who are against the Islamic state here in Europe, first of all we should notice, that very few places have they actually claimed presence. They are there, but not really in the open.

Except for Denmark! One of the more radical Sunni mosques in a city called Aarhus has openly supported IS, making small badges available for their followers! In a total mockery of our Danish forces, they made a copy of a small badge we put on our cars to support our troops. Just a black one with an IS logo on it.

And you know what? Nobody reacted, only after two weeks did the police do something. Talk about being unprepared. Or when you think of it. It is not a matter being unprepared. They know, that is the infamous PET, they know they are there, they just choose to ignore it. Using all their resources to quell all critical stances towards their disgusting conduct.

So is Denmark a victim? Well you choose yourself whether you support this or that party in a conflict. If you choose to support IS, being well aware that they have just killed two American journalists in cold blood, well which side are you on?

If you add the fact that they have tortured a little Jewish girl, that the Jewish school in Copenhagen was recently attacked and no condemnation was heard by the authorities, except for a few minor politicians.

So what does this add up to?

If you look at it with open eyes, and with all rationality. It ads up to the fact, that Denmark, shelters and cooperates with IS supporters maybe even central parts of the IS leadership.

At the same time Denmark persecuted and tortures Jews, and is unresponsive to attacks on Jewish schools.

Shame on Denmark. Coming from a position in the Second World War where Denmark supported its Jews, to a position where it collaborates with the filth of the earth.

Beats me why they do it, but all who have just a bit of sense, should either see Denmark as an enemy, or at least put a great gap between themselves and Denmark in terms of diplomacy. Until they start protecting the Jews and stop the Islamic State.

G-d bless the will to be free.

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