To understand an enemy, you need to understand his mindset and his way of fighting. This I have done with Hamas and Islamic jihad, as a consequence they are falling apart. When lord Nelson bombed Copenhagen, he won but he did it with little honor.

So a victory can be honorful or dishonest. Hamas, Islamic jihad and behind them Iran have sued for peace. Let us give them that peace that let them keep their honor.

You do not win peace by dishonoring your opponent, you do it by giving him respect.

If we wish to keep the peace we have obtained, we should see that the deal we make will let our opponent keep his honor.

Why? Because this fight was not a fight to crush Hamas, it was a fight to stop the bombings of the south.

Most Arabs and Persians in the Middle East truly believe we are evil. We are not evil, and we should act with honesty and respect towards all, including our enemies. Only in this way will we truly win the peace. Because if our enemies see that we act according to ethical conduct, they will stop attacking us, because they know that we are not that threat they need to fight.

So I really recommend a peace deal that will give Hamas and Islamic jihad an honourable deal.

Victory will then not be a crushing of our enemy, but a deal that will make it possible for our children to go to school.

So what happens if Hamas reearms? Well, we control all traffic to Gaza, and Islamic state will soon reunite all of the world against them. So they will be the bad boy on the block. Hamas and Islamic jihad will be more or less small, small players not posing any threat to anybody.

G-d bless the benevolence of a true kind person.

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