The world is always in turmoil, then this side rises and challenges the other side, then it is the Romans against the Phoenicians, the Goths against the Romans, the Islamists against the Goths and the Danes.

The world changes in this way, so that the strongest survive. Not only on a small scale in a given habitat, but also of a greater scale with ideologies and different groups against each other.

We try to dampen this mechanism of the nature by putting in law, and protect the weak, but at the large scale usually this will do little. We have the UN, but it is also corrupted, and only if the guardians of the peace are truly strong in terms of wisdom and justice, will the mechanism actually work.

This is what Israel is supposed to do, and I hope we will improve this institution by constant vigilance and a sincere care for the world and its inhabitants.

We have just been through an enormous war in and around Israel, and I hope that all the participants feel that at least here from we have been fair to all. Off cause I have to defend Israel, but it should always be with an eye on justice and honour.

This honour that is given to enemies and fighters is not something you can buy or change into material gains. It is a ressource that is gained as esteem in the eyes of the world.

This is what Hamas and Islamic jihad has actually reached.

On the other hand, Israel has reached peace.

This is a close as we get to a conclusion of the war with all parts feeling that their right has been obtained.

G-d bless the peace of humanity and the fairness that is the product of Israel.

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