It has come to a conclusion in the current conflict between The European Union, the US and Russia. Many atrocities has been done on each side. Absurd theaters on the european side, with the Eurovision show and the bearded lady/man as the so called savior of Europe as the height of stupidity and folly.

Poor Rakel has not been saved, she still lives at the mercy of the disgusting prime minister of Denmark Thorning-Schmidt. But at least Schmidt has been ostrasized by the rest of the Western world.

I must say however, this is not the case with ms. Angela Merkel. She has done all a people could have asked of a true leader, and through her conduct given peace to Europe. This could not have been done without the wise conduct of mr. Putin, who steered through the entire crisis with an eye of peace, and an eye on the welthfare of the Russian people. He will rightfully be inscribed in the history books as the greatest leader of Russia in modern times. Turning a tidal wave so strong it seemed impossible, and giving the right amount of help to Russians in need of support. I salute you mr. Putin, may your legacy live to be praised by the people of Russia.

All there is left is me, and I must say, I have been the true looser in the sense of getting to a better place for me and my small family. Nothing has changed. My opponent in the face of the child torturing Thorning has been ostrasized, but Rakel is still at the mercy of the PET. An organization that has shunned all responsibility of the rise of IS here in Denmark, in fact it has just installed a homecoming cometee of psychologists to take care of the poor soldiers chopping of heads of Americans. Imagine the arrogance!

But, G-d willing this nightmare will end soon, one way or another.

G-d bless the will of the strong as he protects the weak.

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