Well I forgot one player in the conflict in Europe this night, I am sorry about that. The crux of the conflict in Europe; Ukraine itself.

Ukraine wanted a liberation, some wanted to be part of The European Union others wanted to be part of Russia, and yet others just wanted Ukraine to be strong as a nation.

Ukraine has been caught up in the tensions between the old cold war players. And though Ukraine just wanted to be a happier place with less corruption, in the end it ended up in ethnic conflicts, though the etnicities are not that far from each other.

I tried my best to find a solution, making a compromise. In the end, it materialized as I envisioned it.

So please let me explain my motives for my council. First of all, as the days went past, and the Maidan revolution gained momentum, there was a breaking point, where there were no way back. It was either a diplomatic break or a break in terms of warshed.

In this situation, there was no way Ukriane could be held together. There was no way a solution could have been reached through a diplomatic deal. All there was left to do, was to try and land a solution without tearing all of Europe into pieces, this was the stakes.

In this proces, the selfesteem, of Ukraine has suffered, and the national basis has been hurt. Not to mention the hate and animosity that has been built up between the warring factions.

In conflict and war, you cannot always find a solution, where all are happy, sometimes you just have to find a solution where people do not kill each other.

I am sorry, I truly wished for a solution that was more joyful for all, but you got caught up in the big game, and that is a very dangerous place to be.

I now hope, that you may settle down, find peace, and realize, that in the end, it was just a stupid war. Perhaps in a generation or two, you will be good friends again.

May you have peace.

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