We are heading for another round against the islamists. Here on 9/11 it is probably a good thing to walk down memory lane a bit.

9/11 was the first wake up call. In this confrontation we realized, that there was a new enemy out there, and mr. George Bush chose to enter into two wars to try and fight it. It did some good, but also some bad. But all in all, it was a spell for us to wake up from. For too long had we just chosen to ignore the fact that a radical islamic movement was forming and gaining strength worldwide.

I think Mr. George Bush got too little credit for his first try on beating Al-Queda. I believe in hindsight he will be given the honors that he is really entitled too. Instead of cawing in, he showed spirit, and though the rest of the world did not want to acknowledge the threat, he did, and almost fought single handedly with Osama bin Laden. This really laid out the groundwork that we are building on today.

So what was really the next step in the ongoing controversy between the West and the radical Sunnis, and some Shia? It was the Mohammed cartoon Crisis. In this crisis Denmark was really put on the front of international media, and mr. Anders Fogh also made quite a show of defending western values as freedom of speech. In this fight he also showed a lot of strength and intelligence. He will be commented for this in the history books as well. In btw. this was also the scene upon which I and my organization Stop Islamization of Denmark (together with mr. Anders Gravers) entered world politics. What was really the outcome of this crisis? It was a renewed focus on the ideological matters. In the Bush era, there was not much of ideology in the fight. Bush was a neocon, but at the end of the day, he just fought for his country, and had a feeling for the urgency of the task.

The ideological extension on the same war, was, in all humility my job. In SIAD I tried to analyze the confrontation, and ended up concluding, that we had a fight between two basic political ideologies. One the idea of a Muslim caliphate, two Democracy.

This really fueled the beginning of mr. Barack Obamas presidency, and was the ideological motor in the Libyan war. Remember? How they wielded the reflection of the tricolore? How the french fighter bombers went in without cover to land the first few bombs? It was a war for glory, as back two hundred years ago. It really strung a cord for both Americans and French gendameries.

So now we are here. The entire West has focused on the task at hand. But to the horror of the West, we realize, that they are not only in the Middle East, they are here among us. And that at a degree we have never though possible. 1000 British citizens fighting in Iraq. You have to add all the infrastructure, all the mosques, all the families in Britain that are backing the IS fighters, to really get a grip of the magnitude of the threat in Europe, to really realize the current threat.

The fact is, it has moved from a foreign problem, to a domestic problem. We have to come to grips with this reality, sooner or later, preferably sooner.

They are all over, they are raping our kids, and we havent even begun to do something about it.

Only rushing into Iraq, without a plan on the domestic situation, will just leave our kids in harms way. We should realize this.

G-d bless the will to see straight and be swift in action.

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