We are finally coming around to the fact, that our entire societies are infiltrated by islamists, and we have to do something about it.

Well, this is basically a result of some of the work I started with Anders Gravers in SIAD. Both Anders and I had a clear idea about the threat of Islam at an early stage. We both have close connection to Muslims through family, so I believe we share a sound understanding of what Islam can also be in terms of sound family values and just people. Add to this a first hand knowledge of the strategies that was conducted early on, you could say we were ideological avantgarde. Now we are not avantgarde anymore, now we are mainstream.

Through the last seven years some of the critical stances we have had fell of deaf ears, because it came too early. But we have to use the ideas anyway, and though I hate repeating myself, I will do it anyway.

If we look at the domestic challenge with islamists, we should realize, that the problem is so large, that it will take some time to solve it. It will also cost a lot of money, resources and so on. But right now the situation is so critical, that we have no choice.

The numbers are also extremely scary. One openmouthed mosque here in Denmark openly supports Islamic State, and the really scary part is the fact, that no of the other mosques reject them. So we are in fact looking at a islamist penetration of around 100% in the sunni mosques. I have heard other numbers as 80% penetration and so on, and it is probably right. So the fighters that travel to Iraq and kill our journalists, are just the tiny tip of the iceberg. They are just the symptom not the real problem. The real problem is the huge number of Muslims in Europe that support them, and make it possible for them to move forward.

So what has happened? Well, we have been too naive, and known very little about Islam. On top of this, we have been weak due to the second world war and all the self esteem and pride we lost there.

At the end of the line, we are facing an existential threat. If we do nothing, with the birthrate of the muslim immigrants, they will have taken over our territory within the next twenty to thirty years.

So what do we do? Well first of all we have to work upon our own self worth. We have to rekindle the faith in democracy, in Christianity, in Judaism, and off cause support a humane Islam.

Add to this we need to use a range of tools to counter the growth of Radical Islam.

My plan was to combine these two things, so that we fight the radical muslims. But not just as enemies, but for something. For our freedom, for our democracy. In this way we will obtain two goals in one fight.

The tactics I started with Anders have been embedded in our world now, and has been some time. Everybody basically agrees upon them. Even the mainstream political parties, because they are humane, and positive, in an estremely difficult situation.

As I presented the tool to tackle the radical muslims with; the control mechanism of the citizenship, this tool was invented to counter the threath of being overrun by an increased number of Islamists. It is an old tactics, used many times by Muslim conquerors, they send in a lot of people, they lay low until they are in a sufficient number, and then they take over the territory. They did the same in India, so we can ask them for advice if we want. In fact this is why the sikhs support us. Sikhism was invented as a countermove against jihad in India, they are the indian version of a crusader.

So the idea is, to increase the relocation of Islamists. This will happen, simply because the ideological frame is in place in the West, that of democracy in opposition to caliphatism. Because radical Islam is increasingly showing of its true intent, and because this is how war works. We are simply moving from a cold to a warm war with the islamists.

Can we then just lean back and let fate have its way. No, there will be a challenge in the next decades for us to face. Because we are not only facing the Islamists in our own backyard, we are also facing the growing threath of China overseas.

So we are in a double predicament, but we have a figting chance now, and we will ultimately win the right to our own destiny if we face the fact, that what we are fighting for is the dearest of all our possesions. The one thing that truly defines us all in the West, the virtue of our freedom.

G-d bless that of the individual faith in our belief in the quality of freedom.

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