Code of conduct

imageNow the system and tool of loosing your citizenship if you are involved in islamist activity, has been accepted by mainstream politics. It works like this; if you are, in any way caught supporting IS, you are to loose the citizenship of that given country. If it is an organization, be it a charity ngo or mosque, all afillited with the organization should be expelled. If you are caught preparing jihad in Iraq or Syria after looking at an internetpage promoting that aim, you are to loose your citizenship immediately.

This will, if the forecasts are true, stop the activity and give the remaining muslims as well as other minorities room for a good and prosperous life within the frame of our democratic rights and possibilities.

There will be hardheaded islamist organizations in the country, who will refuse to follow the orders of the municipality, they will most probably start a guerilla fight to remain, or set up a caliphate. They should be met with the armed forces, who will fight down their caliphate, and let democratic rule descend upon the place again.

In this fight we can use our experience from the fight in Israel. The weakest spot of the islamists is their ledership. So we focus on the leaders, using hightech weaponry as drones and other mechanized arms. So again we need to wrap up R&D in small arms robotry.

War will pit the two sides against each other, so that the populace wil be divided into a democratic front as well as a caliphatist front. The war will continue for many years to come, and we will have to conduct it as humanely as possible. We therefor have to ensure, that all cases of prosecution should be done within the frame of our legal system. Islamists will have the right to defend themselves, and prove their innocence. If they lose their citizenship and have little material possensions, the states should help them economically with their new life in their old country. Again islamists who are not newcomers to the country cannot lose their citizenship, since they have, through their families, earned extra credit.

G-d bless the willingness to remain fair in a difficult situation.

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