Sunni Muslims

Sunni Muslims in general are extremely afraid of the rise of the Islamic State. It brings a lot of bad press to the Muslim community. And now it is not only the right wing, but also the left wing and centre that supports a forceful crackdown on all who are affilited with IS.

What will we do, us who are in knowing of a peaceful and humane Islam? I mean mr. al-Sisi the leader of Egypt is a kind man, he is also a sunni muslim, my uncle who builds bridges in Bangladesh and is a skilled engeneer is a muslim and a kind man, are they the same as Islamic State? Off cause not, and it will be a grave mistake to mix things up. We in the West should be able to discern between those who have gone all in on a jihadi revolutionary path, and those who accept and support a civilized and peaceful manner. In Egypt, there is a strong connection between the Copts, an ancient Christian denomination and the current president, in fact it is only due to Sisi that the Copts still exist in Egypt.

So there is another way, and we in the West should respect and support that.

G-d bless the will of spirit in its quest for humanity and peace.

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