IS in Denmark

Another chapter in the never ending story of Danish crawing and sucking up to the Islamic State has just been revealed. Everybody else in the world are horrified by the brutality and the human callousness of the Islamic State. Even Muslims are appalled by the absurd conduct by the Islamists. So what do the Danish officials do about the problems, not mentioning the torture of my little girl to stop me criticizing their neo communist, pro Islamist stance?

They call the IS fighters, coming home form Syria, now brace yourself for the absurdity; volunteers!

As though a trip to Iraq killing yazidis, demolishing artifact that belong to humanity, raping young poor girls, slaughtering prisoners, is something positive!

Volunteering is going to places and helping other people, giving them relief, sharing your wealth and means, not hanging people by the rope!

So let us add all the acts of the Danish state up. First it was making a communist a minister, then it was inviting an Islamist preacher to Denmark at the 9/11, then it was torturing my little girl, now it is harbouring and supporting IS fighters. In Aarhus, where the openly IS mosque is situated, that is where they are calling IS fighters volunteers. Is that a coincidence?

I am just asking, and I am horrified that they get away with it, some partner indeed.

G-d bless the will to remain strong in fierce opposition and total moral collapse.

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