Well, we have to face it. We have lost the Americans strategically. We are essentially left to our own means in and around Europe.

I know that Mr. Trump believes that harrasing his persons of interest into submission will work with both Iran AND Europe.

But seriously. There is a bit of difference between a small weak player in Asia and then the other hegemon across the pond.

We are not weak, we are just not interested in fighting that much.

But we can effectively just ignore the threats, and then carry on. What can the US do?

So, instead of using so much energy on a hapless idiocy, we should continue with the strategy.

Lets recap.

We targeted Islamic State in the Middle East because they were effectively a neutral target out of the game between Sunni and Shia. This gave the hard core islamists a place to be, and kept our allies out of the fire. We still need to tackle the radical islamists.

IS is, more or less, finished in the Middle East, but are still active around the world, not at least in the African states, where they seek to make a weapon of mass destruction to Europe.

Migration has become a weapon.

We cannot afford anymore migration, and we need to remigrate 70 – 80 percent of the migrants that is in Europe already. These being either criminal or islamists.

This is not about racism, but about a threat to national security.

This strategy is supported by all major powers around the world. We can reach Russia and all the powers of the Middle East. Except for Turkey and Quatar, supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Concerning Iran, well, we made a deal, we have invested. The Americans threaten us. Instead of pandering and accepting these lame and hollow threats. Let us just ignore them, and keep supporting the Iranians.

There are all the wars going on in the Middle East, and the threat from the Saudi/Israeli alliance. Essentially we are not picking sides. We just want to make peace, especially concerning nuclear armament. Because that will spiral the situation out of control.

Both sides know this, and that is why they essentially respect the peace deal. No-one wins if the wars turn into nuclear apocalypse.

Its like using triangle knives or nervegas. They are forbidden by international law for a reason, they are simply too cruel weapons. Everybody accepts that soldiers honor, because there is honor also to war.

So, let us carry on with our own interests. Prop up Rouhani, who really needs us, and focus on IS.

G-d bless the will to be fair in war.

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