Often in the Middle East, peace is not an option, but just a break from more hostilities.

That has been the rule since mankind made its first city, the city of Eridu (Eden) in Irak.

But, that is not an argument for not trying. The entirety of religion has the aim of trying to find that peace. Why? Because that is what we are supposed to do to emulate the world of G-d, heaven.

We Jews have had a bad experience with making peace, I admit it. In fact, I agree with mr. Netanyahu with the Oslo peace process, it was a sham. Why? Because essentially the “Palestinians” have no incentive for peace. The more trouble they make, the more money the make. So, there is no reason for peace.

Also, the character of the people in Gaza is terrible. We have them here in Denmark, and they are at the top of crime statistics. These people are extremely unsympathetic.

But just because peace was not a possibility with Gaza, there are other times when peace has been a possibility. I work with the experience my family has. My great, great, great grandfather made peace with the Danes two hundred years ago.

After a lot of trouble Mendel Levin Nathanson, a leading Jew of his time, made a deal with the king, effectively making peace between the Danes and the Jews. There has been peace ever since.

How did this come by? It worked, because the leader of the Jews, my ancestor, was eloquent, trustworthy and truly a serious and good person.

He was also loyal to the Danish state, he gave a lot.

But, and that is really the true reason why it worked in Denmark. The Danish people is a good people. It has a beautiful character. Honest, serious and good.

THAT is why I believe that the Iran peace deal has held so far. Because the Palestinians are not good people, but the Iranians are good people.

Yes, we have been enemies, and in a sense we still are. But I do recognize, that the Iranian people are essentially a positive, noble people. Epitomized in the hero of Iran; Cyrus.

So the key to peace, is to understand the one you are dealing with, and make appropriate action according to their character.

It is not that we should not defend ourselves. I am defending Jews where I can. A Jew has never come to me, and not found help if he is in trouble. I am fighting for the Jews in Europe. One of the reasons I am fighting so much for remigration, is because the current influx of people to Europe are the worst antisemites that are in the Middle East, and that gives Jews a huge problem.

I am defending Jews if it is necessary.

But we must remember, that the aim is not eternal fighting, the aim is peace. We only fight if we have to. If we are not attacked, we should not fight them.

Peace is a difficult thing to find. Essentially you only find peace if you stand at a position of strength. You have to be strong to find peace with others. And you have to be ready to defend yourself. As with all the empires who have fought us and lost.

But, we should find peace wherever possible.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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