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227855_ODIN_by_GiyeWhen we look upon Egypt these days, we need to look behind the curtains. Remember when we started the Arab spring?

We won that fight by being honest to what we believed in, and be using inventive and new methods.

What we did, was that we stood upon the knowledge, that a common method in the Middle east to con the media, is to make a theatre. We have seen it in Gaza, where small children are put in front of cannons and thereafter paraded in pictures to show the cruelty of the jews.

Now, why do they do that? Because it works, or rather used to work. In the days when media was the only method of reporting the press agencies of The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other affiliates used the media to their disposal. This was how Israel got its bad rep.; through manipulations of the media.

Now, in the Arab spring we used this knowledge to win our wars. Instead of putting boots on the ground, giving opportunity for photo ops., we stayed in the air, and we took great care not to make any pictures. We won this way.

Now, the military of Egypt does not have the same luxuries as we had. They do not have the same flying options, and they are often forced to confront the Muslim Brotherhood face to face. This gives the Brothers plenty of possibilities to makes Shahids, or martyrs.

What is a martyr? Well, think of an idealistic young man, who wants to die for his G-d. He believes that his sacrifice will bring him to heaven and give him a seat besides the prophet Muhammed, blessings on him.

This is false however, there is no heaven where people sit in rows, and virgins are aplenty, there is a substance called intelligence that is what we all are put into again.

But, the Shahids do not see it this way, they believe that there is a Valhalla, and they are happy to go there as believers.

Now, this is why the death toll is so high, they want to die, in their belief of the Valhalla.

So, this coincides with the fact, that Western media and leadership buys the trap.

Well, until the plot is exposed, as it will be very soon, since the media are not alone in reporting, and the truth will find its way.

Now, a wise society sees what is there for real. Not to be brutal or evil, but to be able to maneuver.

You see, the more we do not understand the methods of the Shahids, the more will die. Because it gives them incentive.

This is then blood on our hands. They are actors on an international stage, and they are performing with actions we do not comprehend.

Well we used to be worse. In the days of the vikings, there were no moral discussion, on when and where. We just killed all in the honor of the war father. At least Shahids discuss the issues more in the light of ethics.

But we need to look behind the veils, to make true decisions.

G-d bless the true and the bold.

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