Peace in Egypt

From when Egypt started as a nation, it has always been afraid of chaos. The defining character of a good pharaoh, was his ability to contain the chaos and bring order.

This is knowledge of the Muslim Brotherhood, who know, that chaos is the agent of destruction in Egypt.

They know that trouble, destruction and fear will prompt most Egyptians to dislike the situation.

They however miscalculate one thing; they are not in understanding of how things have developed the last ten years. Before the internet, you could make a situation, and turn it into something else. Today this is not possible, because the truth will be heard by all who have access to the internet.

Therefor, the West will not be fooled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes the media to some extent, but people, who are voters and opinion makers are able to read between the lines, and see, that it is the Muslim Brotherhood who brings destruction and chaos. They are responsible.

Therefor I personally urge all who are responsible for Western intervention to see for themselves; who is it really who make the conflicts? The military, who are making several openings for dialogue and compromise, or the Brothers who believe, that through uncompromising means, they can win back what was lost.

Support the side that is willing to speak to the other, and peace is most probable to occur.

G-d bless the victims of the onslaught on peace and prosperity.

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