science14-popWe are, in the current situation in a problematic phase. One of the basic problems is as Weber describes it. We are a civilization that is founded on a deep belief in G-d, but we are not believing anymore. This makes the systems that were made to understand G-d and do the will of G-d like machines that keeps on running, but are without any focus or any direction.

Take the universities. What are the really? They are the direct descendants of the Egyptian temples in On and Thebes. As they in Egypt tried in the temples to understand the universe, that is the unity we are all a part of, the universities have the same basic ideology. This was conveyed through the time through philosophers as Plato, Epicurus and most central Pythagoras.

But today the universities do not know, that this was the idea behind their work. They are drifting, and often they are not really focused on the well being of man in the understanding, that man is G-d.

This has to be mended, and the universities should find their focus again.

Why is it that we try to understand nature? It is because in nature we find a mirror of G-d. G-d is life, so understanding nature and the life in nature, will give us a basic understanding of the realm of G-d.

Now, why do we build edifices as sky reaching as we do? Why do we plan it according to ideas brought us by Animaxander through Vitruvius?

It is because we try to interpret G-d in all we do.

We have forgotten this basic truth, and we should try to remember it again.

In the classic time, metaphysics was the endgame, the most basic science. Now it is but a whisper in the halls of universities, it should change, and metaphysics should spur the best minds of mankind.

G-d bless the wisdom we should win, if we are persistent enough.

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