When we come to the problem, or the discussion of Syria, we are indeed in a deeply troubled situation. There is, however, a small glimpse of hope. Please let med explain.

The major obstacle for peace in the Middle East has been the antagonism between the US/Israel and Iran. This has fueled numerous conflicts over the entire region. Among them the ongoing Gaza conflict.

The situation is off cause much more complex than that, but basically the conflict between the Iranian bloque and the Israelean bloque has followed cold war lines.

Now, with the good and hopefully fruitfull discussion between Iran and the US, there are hopes of peace and understanding. The Iranians are understanding, that hate and agression is not really the way to reach spirit. You reach spirit through love, not hate.

The positive collaboration will potentially spill over into the Syrian conflict. Because if the Iranian conflict is solved trough dialogue and collaboration, the Syrian conflict potentially have the same possible working method. We could build on the succes of the negotiations between the US and Iran in Syria.

I prefer a secular government run by the rather democratic oriented Alawis than hardcore islamists that collaborate to install a Sharia based constitution in Syria after they have won over Assad.

Assad has done some brutal things, but the core of his Herderian secular government is not Islam.

This is the reality. We do not need another shariabased semidemocratic country like certain other Arab countries, that are honestly highjacking the Arab spring we have worked so hard to help and work on.

In Egypt we now see an opposition between secularists and islamists, and that is not, I my mind, the way to build a wellworking democratic state. It is not that Islam is the exact oppositoin to democracy, but a shariabased semidemocratic state is not really what we would call a serious democracy.

This gives Assad an opportunity to reconfigure his strategy and start working directly with the Western alliance, to make a deal.

We are open, we have proved we can make progress along lines of collaboration and honest, sincere working together as an honest team.

We have done it with Iran, we could do it with Assad.

It is a matter of trust, a trust we feel we have earned as it is.

G-d bless the peace we have the opportunity to win, if we are dedicated enough

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    December 18th, 2012 at 13:31 | #1

    Hallo Asger.
    Having gleaned at your site now and then, it is becoming clear that you have transgressed from a genuine philosophical blog searching for wisdom, to a political construct of the usual “one side only” view. Please distance yourself from politics. Politics is for lessor conscious individuals who think they know better, but don’t. Politics appeals to the lowest amongst us. The most selfish ones. I despise their arrogance and criminality. Look at the world and see for yourself. It is all yak dung created by politicians who were inn way over their head. And they all thought they were so flipping smart.
    Get back your focus on reality, the real life.
    I am

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    December 19th, 2012 at 15:48 | #2

    Dear René 🙂

    Thank you for reminding me, I see it as a friendly reminder. You are absolutely right. I have been locked up in numerous battles on our fine earth. And I have had too little time for philosophy. I might add, that one of the reasons why I have been sloppy is because of the constant harassment by the Danish state in numorus ways, but still my book rack is filled with good books, I should read and continue my quest in the service of spirit.

    But at the other side, you know it does seem to work a bit. Not much, but still there is progress. America is getting a little better, Iran have realized their own folly, even the Europeans and the Christians are slowly waking up a bit. Not to mention the most important piece of the puzzle the israelean quest for peace and true spirit.

    You know, did you know the story about Isis that walks at a beautiful garden? I really like it, let me tell it you, with all respect.

    It is said that the Egyptian goddess Isis walks in a beautiful garden, she looks at the fragile flowers in the garden, and she picks up some of them, as she does that, the earth opens, and she is sucked in. The earth is the physical realm, and the flowers are needs.

    Most people are basically just trapped in their own little shell, and most are absorbed by that frame, unable to tear down the boundary.

    But still, we have to help them, to perhaps one day realize their own potential. The beauty of the real world, and the fallacy of the material world.

    I have not given up, I really hope an believe, that humanity have the potential to realize their own spirituality. Sometimes I forget myself. And I really thank you for you help dragging my up from the earth, but I do also hope you can see my mission.

    Your with love

  3. Rene’ Descartes
    December 20th, 2012 at 21:22 | #3

    Hallo Asger
    You do not need to help anybody, or have an attitude that you are in a position to help others, leave them be to make their own choices and decisions. What you need to do is to be of service to others, and there is a big difference. Let me explain. Mercy and Service is a humble act leaving others their freedom to choose. Whereas helping is from a superior attitude indirectly demanding others to do what you seems best, without their freewill choices expressed. The Codex is clear; God said “I want Mercy, not sacrifice”. Helping is an intellectual construct, Service is a conscious expression of your awareness of the Oneness.
    Anyway, enough of that.
    There is so much good in the worse of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it behove nobody to feel superior in any way whatsoever.
    I am the first to admit that people are not equals, men and women are not equal, men and other men are not equal, but the reason for this is not what you may think.
    Everybody has the same origin and basic substance of being. We were all made in the same mould. We were equals when we (Our Souls) were created. But our first thoughts and actions differed from one another, hence our actions and thoughts gave us different individualities and Karma. That is the reason for the inequalities on earth at the present time. It is not religions, politics, tribal affiliations, race, colour, intelligence or conscious awareness that predispose us, they are just some accidental experience needed to learn the fullness of life, but our response and attitudes to this fullness is the proof in the pudding.
    Any feeling of superiority is a trap for shallow and egotistical fools who just love to feel so superior. That mistake will soon extract its pound of flesh and will have to be met with Karmic accountability, in no uncertain terms. How we treat the other part of God’s creation is how we treat the Creator. Trust me.
    I am Rene’ Descartes

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