We do strive to make an exemplary path in life, as Rene Descartes so rightfully says, it is about service and not help. Well, whatever you call it here at Rubicon, no one can claim either any control of anything, or a direct relation of dependence. All is given freely, to anyone who wish to either learn or share.

We are trapped in matter, and a truly spiritual journey is to free all who are trapped. Yes, we may do this by ourselves, or we may not. If we as prophets or whatever it is called, do not give humankind the possibility to be free from matter, it will be much more difficult. At the other hand, René is right, you cannot free someone if they do not wish to be free. So it is only an offer, not a demand.

That said, I have followed the developments of Egypt closely these last few days. There is no doubt, that the development of that country moving in the wrong direction.

It is quite obvious. We have a beautiful part of the society; mainly the Coptic christians, who are, by all measure humble, wise and strong in the faith of spirit. On the other hand we have the Muslim Brotherhood, who paves a way for direct assault, rape and even worse actions.

There is no doubt, in this situation, that spirit and human beings are persecuted and left at prey of the stronger party.

What do one do in such a situation. On one hand, we cannot force the Copts to be free, but at the other hand, we made the situation where the persecution is made possible.

In this case, where a beautiful congregation of the most blessed people is put at prey, by our own hand. I believe we have a responsibility.

Read about it yourselves, or hear the unhappy young lady.

G-d bless the peace we can ensure if we are strong enough.