Ancient EgyptEgypt, is not just Egypt. There are many faces of Egypt, the modern, the classic, the ancient and the true.

When we try to understand Egypt today, in the light of the persecution of the Copts, we have to realize the traditions and the history of the people of Egypt.

You know, this country gave us so much, and we are still in the process of understanding the tenets of the classical egyptian lore. It has flown through so many channels; science, I mean, in many ways Egypt invented mathematics and geometry, if you do not believe this, have a look at the pyramids, and see their perfect geometrical shape. Freemasonry, the core of Europe and beyond. Freemasonry can trace its roots through the crusaders, the Platonists, the hermetist and the Pythagoreans. The magic, the mathematical truth behind the principles of the world, the spirituality, it came from unknown temples of Egypt that Pythagoras studied in, and gave on to, among others Plato. Then there is humanism, another Egyptian faith. The enlightenment, the statue of liberty is a reflection of the first monotheistic religion of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. Psychology is inspired by Egypt through Freud and Jung. Then there is the Christian religion and Judaism. Both owe so much to the lightbringers of Egypt; the monastery as idea, the very core of faith that see the mother Mary as a reflection of Isis, and Jesus as a reflection of Osiris. In Judaism, there is the believe in light, as learned when we were living in Egypt.

All these ideas, and this tradition, has a son, or perhaps a daughter, she is called Coptic. Really it comes from Egyptos, and today we call it Copts, but really we should just call them Egyptians, real Egyptians.

You know, through history, I have followed that people through many of its torments. It really began with the Greeks, after Alexander conquered Egypt, the descendants of one of his generals; Ptolemy basically just abused the Egyptians. Yes, in many ways the Ptolemyan state was illustrious. Remember, this was when Alexandria, the most illustrious city of modern Egypt was founded. Hellenic culture was mixed with Egyptian culture, and gave us hermeticism, from the greek god Hermes, that was a reflection of the Egyptian god Thoth.

But, the abusement the Greeks did to the Egyptians. They just streamlined the system that was already there, and maximized the profit, so they could build the lighthouse of Alexandria, the famous library and other items of Hellenic/egyptian civilization. But the desperation, the famine, and the loss of honour the Egyptians felt at that occasion is the first real humiliation they suffered of so many. Then came the Romans. The Romans were a lot better, not so greedy as the Greeks. The Romans actually gave the Egyptians a faith; Christendom, that sheltered the Egyptians against the onslaught of the Arabs.

The Arabs were worse than the Romans, but not as bad as the Greeks. They did of cause persecute the native Egyptians, but they still had a considerable amount of freedom in a subservient status called Dhimmi. They were really respected by the Arabs, as a source of wisdom, but not really respected in the material world. They were, in practice, harassed, put down and dishonoured.

For 1400 years did the Egyptians live under the yoke of the Arab faith, Islam in this or that way. Keeping the flame alight. Slowly diminishing in number, year by year. Until the Europeans came. First the British, then the Americans. Egypt was kept in a distant colonial rule for a little over a hundred years, still is in a minor way, through the military and the official judgement system, installed by the british.

Now, as many other countries we see a rise of the Islamists. And here I believe we make a huge mistake. We see them as the rightful heirs to the country. We see ourselves as the colonial power that did persecute and abuse the country. In some cases this is right, especially in America, the atrocities were at an absurd scale. But not in all countries, and especially not in Egypt. Here the british colonial administration actually gave a moment of relief to the real original inhabitants of Egypt; the Copts. Because they saw them as an ally against the actual oppressors; the Arabs and their faith Islam.

Now, that is a complicated history, and a difficult situation to navigate in as European and Western. We need to be very careful who we actually support and who we do not support. Not supporting the Copts, is however a grave mistake, as I see it. They are the original inhabitants of Egypt, they are, right now, on top of this, a minority.

The muslims have a 1400 years long career in subjecting the Copts, and we should not support that one second more. Now Morsi believes we are stupid, and do not know our history, and how things really have evolved, because he is naif. That is a grave mistake. We know as a new, more united Europe and descendants of Europe, how things are, and we do not accept another piece of humiliation of a minority we should, by all means support.

G-d bless the peace we should work for, minute by minute, day by day, year by year in service of mankind.

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